Monday, March 9, 2009

An Homage to My Winter 09 Fashion Inspiration

My muse, Kate Moss, with the unlikely Longchamp? However, I took my cues from this ad campaign Fall/Winter 2008/2009. The theme was solid and structural, noir, but still somehow… quirky? I insist on not taking fashion too seriously, though it is difficult in all black. The bowler hat helps, and so does Gaspard Ulliel, as far as accessories go. Luckily I have knock offs of each. I’m still perfecting the bored yet seductive stare.

This homage is meant also as a farewell… one that I was fully prepared for after spending a week in sunny California. But Boston insists differently, and showers me in snow today. I am certainly ready to abandon black for floral, and warm weather.

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