Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Find a Fit While Living Large

There are so few years fit for living. Anything before age ten just doesn’t really count. We don’t know enough, to really know anything. We only know what we are told and what we imagine to be true, and we test those limits in stupid, timid, uneventful ways that don’t leave us with life lessons, only slaps on wrists and early bedtimes. The whole span of “teen-age” is spent waiting and wanting to be be older so we can do all it is we want to do so badly but cannot, and then when finally we reach this coveted age, then come responsibilities, like school and studies and then afterwards finding a job so we can pay for the school and continue life as we know it, independent and free. People say the twenties are for living, but is that what I’m doing now, is this living? I always feel like I’m preparing to live, always getting ready, like packing emergency supplies in closets and pantries, and is this the doom of the age, this impossibility of living in the present? If I’m preparing to live, then I’ll continue into my thirties where I’ll be too old and tired to really live, which leaves me little to no time for this lovely living thing I’m always thinking about. I've heard retirement is nearly impossible nowadays and how tired and old would I be then? The realities of life crash down and dreams end as quickly as putting pins to balloons, one after another after another. Will I ever live in Italy? Will I ever be famous? Will I ever have a canopy bed? Will I ever be happy?

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