Friday, February 18, 2011

Deconstructing Zero

The collection from Zero + Maria Cornejo is all about contradictions and opposition. Consider these proportions: half short sleeved oversized blazer/half v-neck tunic combo, blends into a deconstructed masterpiece because the heaviness of one side is juxtaposed by the emptiness of the other, but balanced by the tasseled wristlet and uniform color.

Derrida would be proud of this hooded one piece that appears almost completely intact but for the hanging layer of external fabric that beckons for the removal and revelation of the underneath. The earthtone palette holds the look together while the opposition of fabrics in the coat contradict each other- one sleek, the other furry.

Again the subtle variations in this warm hue allow for the carefully executed deconstruction to blend and pop! only to the artistic eye where the flowing use of draping and diagonals in the jacket supported by strong straight lines in the hem and shoes contradict and reinforce each others power. The final result is a modern commentary on deconstruction.

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