Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Mothahhhh, the cat crawled on my head again and it won't get off!!!!!"

The Row Fall 2011 collection is all about heads and toes. Cocooning your brain in fur is good for the soul. So is bringing back scrunch socks and house slippers meant to be worn past the porch.

What's in the middle is simply practical daywear. Power suits for your job at the mustard factory and elbow length gloves for handling deli meat. But if the work is too overwhelming then there's still the alternative to screw it all and add a leopard print robe to the mix and call it a day in the morning.

I've decided I desperately need these three ensembles to have ready for my next midday trip to the farmer's market. Wearing the first two I could feasibly make believe I had an important job I was on lunch break from, but also feel like I never really left my bed, where I of course belong very near to in number three. Never has a mix of smart lines and stupid accessories been so appealing.

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