Friday, May 27, 2011


I can do voices. Ask anyone that knows me. I can do southern truck driver (quite well actually) and Milwaukee farm wife (where the cow is god, not in a Hindu way, but the way that it gives cheese to the land and we are very thankful for cheese). For a few months I was stuck in a persona known as Vivian, who was clearly born and raised in some god-awful part of Brooklyn or another nearby New York borough. I have an amazing French accent, complete with real Frenchie nuances, so the very little French I do know (after studying it and living in Paris) sounds, well, parfait! Boston is easy too, and then there are definitely a few voices that are just unidentifiable... they come and go with friends and the weather, live and die, never to be heard again.

Now, I am writing for so many places, with such disparate themes and contexts that I'm beginning to feel a little schizophrenic with my "writer's" voice. On any given day, I could be a rap guy's girlfriend who used to attend ghetto parties where people got shot, a ditzy dumb sorority idiot who thinks a shopping site is gospel or a too cool for anything mass-produced geek who really just missed out on the fun things in high school. And it gets hard, who am I really? I am everyone but myself. I am mimicking these personalities, these voices that have been riddled out, chipped away at, sanded down and smoothed out to be exactly what any editor wants them to be, and then I come along and stick myself to this mold like a stupid snail, and very often, very, very often, it feels like I'm sliding down.

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  1. this is my favorite.

    especially since the Milwaukee voice was created in Tennessee!

    - the other farm wife




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