Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is Excessive Sexual Harrassment Organized To Keep White Girls Out of Brooklyn?

Sure, certain races are well known for their more vocal appraisal of a woman and I happen to live in a very colorful neighborhood of Brooklyn. Sometimes I know I deserve it, because, well, I look good.

But not tonight. Tonight I looked like a potato sack. With a head, and short limbs of course. But a potato sack nonetheless. (Do they make black potato sacks?)

Anyway. There is a stretch of street near my apartment that makes me itchy; I don't like to walk it ever. I've had marriage proposals, kissing sounds and propositions galore, and most commonly a simple 'god bless you', over and over and over again, down this awful street. But tonight, wearing a maxi dress belt-less, I was essentially donning a muumuu, which means, there is absolutely no reason why I should have been accosted, but of course I was.

It occurred to me however, that maybe this isn't happening because of cultural norms. I'm beautiful, but is my pretty head and limbs enough to provoke all this attention? is the faint hint of breasts and ass beneath a billowing dress enough to turn heads? I'm beginning to question the validity of these approaches, especially after two men made comments to me at once, from separate corners. Is this harassment just contagious, or is it some kind of conspiracy to scare the white girls out of the hood?

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